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São Felipe BA: Coordenadora e motorista do SAMU, falam sobre os serviços ofertados e dão dicas importantes sobre os primeiros procedimentos

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  1. Reading this article made me deeply sad and concerned for how to combat the effects of diet culture infusing our meals and daily lives… Juhea I am glad that you feel better about not consuming chocolate anymore, but this whole article is loaded with a very harsh mindset around food and a ton of moral judgement about not being able to resist or control it. I definitely do not have a perfect relationship with eating myself and have been working to mend it, but the message I take away from this rubs me the wrong way– that desiring certain foods is because of an imbalance that should be corrected to be less sinful. I’m absolutely with you that everyone should be consuming more probiotics, yet promoting them in a way muddled with promises for more self control and ‘wholesomeness’ is not the path to go. In the kindest way possible, I hope that no one else will read this and feel the need to be punitive towards themselves.I would love to recommend this article to friends, but the link to the science study must be included. I’m going to search for it now, but I’m sad to say that I while I agree with every statement, I won’t be using this article until it is updated.

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